Chevra Thilim, Beth Israel and Gates of Prayer 

Between 1939 and 1950, Chevra Thilim, Temme Derech, Beth Israel Cemeteries were absorbed by Gates of Prayer Cemetery. The earliest cemeteries on this square were founded as early as 1846. The cemetery sometimes referred to as the Canal Street Cemetery practices in ground burials unique to the City of New Orleans.  Tombstone inscriptions are both in Hebrew and in English.  There is a tombstone in the form of a lighthouse commemorating a merchant who dedicated his life to the Lighthouse For The Blind. Dispersed of Judah, 4901 Canal was founded in 1846. The property was donated by Touro and is still in use today. St. John Cemetery and Hope Mausoleum at 4841 Canal remain a family owned business. This cemetery is approximately 100 years old. St. Patrick Cemeteries about 1840.  Charity Hospital Cemetery was founded in 1847 or 1848 and is the new home of the Katrina Memorial where the unidentified victims of the flood are buried. Greenwood Cemetery was founded in 1852 by the Fireman’s Charitable & Benevolent Society on City Park Avenue. Cypress Grove Cemetery was founded in 1840. It’s gate is listed on the National Register of Historic places and is an HDLC designated landmark.  Odd Fellows Rest, at 5055 Canal was founded in 1849 and is also on the National Register of Historic Places. Many notable New Orleanians are buried in this district which has a total of about 13 cemeteries, including Benjamin Franklin Jonas (1834-1911), brother in law of Adolph Meyer. Major in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, member of the LA State house of representatives, US Senator buried at Dispersed of Judah. John Walter Heselton (1900-1962) interned at Hope Mausoleum: Charles Magill Conrad (1804-1878) Born in Winchester Va. in 1804, Grandnephew by marriage of George Washington, US Representative from LA, Delegate state constitutional convention, Senator, delegate to the Confederate Provisional Congress, Rep. Confederate Congress.  He was originally entombed at Girod Cemetery and re-entombed in 1957 at Hope Mausoleum.  Stephen Hendrickson Everitt (c. 1806 – 1844) Delegate Texas, Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Delegate Texas Republic constitutional convention, Texas Republic Senate.  Died in New Orleans. Originally Entombed at Girod Cemetery. Later re-entombed at Hope Mausoleum in 1957. William J. Behan (1840-1928) General in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, merchant, manufacturer, grocery business, mayor of New Orleans, LA republican state chair, candidate for governer of LA in 1904 is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.  Effingham Lawrence (1820-1878) Cousin of Cornelius Van Wyck Lawrence, member of Louisiana state house of representatives, US representative from LA is buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Many other notable New Orleanians are buried in the Canal Street Cemeteries.







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